Eastern Delight

Resin statue on segment of Persian carpet
Mounted on plinth
16x16x40 cm

DSC_0273 ___ 0.jpg

“Eastern Delight” is a series of English baroque inspired sculptures that were imported into Iran from China and personally brought back into England. It derives inspiration from kitsch sculptures, crude derivatives of refined European porcelain figures, displayed in Iranian households. Positioned on miniature Persian carpets, these figures ridicule the concoction of Oriental and Western aesthetics that characterize the Iranian domestic environment. 

Furthermore, this reproduction of mass produced culture has relegated objects that were once of value to the level of visual vestiges that are stylized, clichéd, and commoditized once more for mere temporary enjoyment.

In this light, Eastern Delight holds a thematic complexity which points to the anxiety and tension that we all experience when we embark on the search for an extrinsic happiness.