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Game of Goose
Embroidery on Loofah, Plywood, Rubber Mulch
80x96.5 in. (203x245 cm)

Game of Goose looks at board games as master plans. The sixty-three space track that comprises the map is based on one of the oldest existing printed game sheets, which plays upon medieval spiritualism, values and superstition to educate the player in matters of moral, social and religious import. In this work, the entire game is embroidered onto a grid of 180 dark blue kisseh (Middle eastern scrubbing washcloth), revealing a blueprint for the architecture of modern games. Used as a surface for inscription, the kisseh quietly undermine the ambition of the game itself. As objects meant to clean and remove, the blue loofahs reassert the inherent instability of structures of power.

(4) Toni Hafkenscheid


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