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Pure Glycerine Soap

"Fortune Teller" considers architectural environments as spaces of interactivity and play. It is inspired by the paper Origami game one would place on their fingers and manipulate based on the responses of the player. In “The Fortuneteller” where the object is reduced to a shape without any message to read or even look at. The exaggerated size and duplicated reproduction of the object is playing an antithetical role by having no fortune to tell (and so to read). There are many, and they are bigger than usual; though without any message. All these fortune tellers appear to be the exact same objects with the same note: nothingness. Their functionality (if we can call it this way) is now under questioned. The game of fortunetelling is reduced to a form of interpretation that allows the viewer (and not the reader; there is nothing to read) to see nothing and everything at the same time. The artist is placing the viewer in a bracket full of meanings and possibilities derived by the absent presence of a “term” on any of these fortune tellers.

Photographs by: Dahlia Katz


All rights reserved (c) Copyright Ghazaleh Avarzamani, 2019.