Needlepoint on Aida

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“Utopia” is a series of works depicting contemporary post-revolution Iranian women inserted onto European Rococo paintings, in the same manner that Iranian women in the Qajar era were photographed posing in front of curtains with European-themed backdrops. Women are placed in false ‘utopias’ that further demonstrates this lack of a sense of belonging experienced by Iranian women from one generation to the other. 

The series mimics the concept of “Shahr e Farang,” a crude mechanical looking device popular in Iran at the turn of the century, where one could glimpse at the skylines of cities like Paris, St. Petersburg and Rome for a small fee. 

The works intend to challenge the viewer by exposing the paradoxical reality behind the surface of the society, which ultimately conveys that any notion of Utopia is both unrealizable and illusory, and often culturally subjective. The reality and the illusory can only become one if forcefully stitched together.