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(Dis)Connection Project
Embroidery on Felt, Laser Print on T-Shirt
228.6x304.8x355.6 in. (90x120x140 cm)

(Dis)connection consists of a collection of t-shirts acquired on the streets of Beijing and Tehran, which contain English words and phrases as design. A common characteristic of these t-shirts are that 
language is treated as a form which is composed of nonsensical and misspelled Latin words. By combining a selection of texts from these t-shirts and sewing them onto felt, texts are decontextualized to remain solely as form and represent no linguistic values. In doing so, the work confronts viewers with a monumental form and upends translation.This work explores the deconstruction and recombination of language, the desires and hopes expressed therein, and the cultural (dis)connections established through this process.


© Ghazaleh Avarzamani 2019