Strange Temporalities
Segmented Slide on Metal Armature
57x38x42.5 in. (144x96x107 cm)
78x77x41x60 in. (198x195x104x152 cm)
44x86x25.5 in. (111x218x64 cm)
96.5x27x25 in. (245x68x63 cm)
100x69x41.5 in. (254x175x105 cm)

Strange Temporalities, a sculptural re-assemblage of a deconstructed slide, embodies the failed assurance of safe enjoyment. This work embodies a multiplicity of ideas, exploring the notions of learning and forgetting, growth and erasure, accomplishment and failure. It aims to expose the paradoxical realities behind educational methodologies, personal aspirations and cultural manuals, foregrounding play as an important mode of thinking. This installation undermines the promise of playgrounds as sites of exploration. Through the use of colour and sculptural form, Strange Temporalities manifests a psychological state that reorients the understanding of the playground as an unlikely monument that makes and abstracts memory. The work offers an experience that, through aesthetic means, sheds light on the playground as an encoded cultural form.

(1) Stephen White
(2)(3) Toni Hafkenscheid


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